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We love a party with bootleg music and where they all dance together until the early hours.

Short Bio

Hi I’m Stef Jehoul a young man from Belgium who likes some party music. I’m 33 years old and love to mix music, thats how The Mix Project iedee was nborn. The Mix Project heve a Live Stream where you can listen tot nonstop party music. There are also moments when we well mix on our live stream so that you can listen Live. For more information you can always contact me.

Latest Interviews:

  • Tomorrowland 2016
  • Ultra Music Festival

Tour Dates

More information soon!

More information soon!

More information soon!


Please read before you book…

If you want to book The Mix Project, you can read our conditions carefully. We don’t have many wishes, but there are some that are important. For example, do we want to know whether you have a music installation or do we have to bring it ourselves?

Hourly rates and more…

We have a rate of 75 € per hour without own music installation. With installation we count a 150 € per hour.

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